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Sometimes, in the very mundane chores of my life, something will strike me as worthy of putting pen to paper.  Usually, this will take form as a journal entry or a quick jot in my "ideas" notebook. 
Today, I thought it would best serve me as a writing prompt,  something I could tell my own experience of, but as a narrator.

I've been reading Anna Karenina, so there is, perhaps, a hint of Tolstoy's flavoring influence in this ...

In the morning, she came upon a pot in which she had planted spinach, she thought, and promptly forgot about it until this day, more than a month later. Spinach was not to be seen anywhere. Instead, a mess of tall grasses, sturdy leafy greens which she could not identify, and a young — was it really? - nettle, of all things.

Having been settled into city life for several years, she could not recall the last time she had seen the delicate but fierce nettle, nor where this one may have come from, having found its home nestled in a pot on her urban balcony.

Her childhood was full of nettle experiences. And when the young nettle leaf brushed her arm and kissed her with its sting, a familiar memory of that very feeling warmed over her and a smile crinkled at her lips.

How many times had she felt that crackling, almost electrical, sensation on her skin as a child? Countless, to be sure. She longed for her childhood at that moment, for the time spent free in the wilderness, not yet saddled with such struggles between spinach and weeds, only the wide eyed wonder at such a plant as the nettle - a small danger lurking in the midst of those roaming summer days.

Two small, perfectly round and whitened bumps began mounding on her skin as though they were lily pads in a blushing red swamp, as if to confirm her identification of this species. There could be no doubting now. The sting subsided and she proceeded to pull at the tall grasses and unidentifiable leafy greens and, finally, the nettle, taking care to glove her hands. She had special plans for this nettle, indeed.

As the pot was emptied, two small spinach plants became apparent, still so tiny, dwarfed by bullying weeds and her own neglect. She watered them carefully and walked into her apartment carrying her prize, her childhood, in her hand.

She started a kettle for tea.

I also thought about combing through Istagram to see if I can find a prompt there. Do you write? How do you exercise your writing muscles?

So, we ran out of sketchbooks here. Instead of scurrying out to the art store to buy more, I decided try making my own. I've posted the full tutorial on my blog Love It Learn It Make It.

Go. Read. Make!  It's so satisfying. And while time consuming the first time out, it's also a lot of fun.

Creating stuff just feels good. It feels good and it's never enough. It's addictive. And it can lead you down paths you never thought you'd take and back again, yielding a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Create Something is a new section of my blog dedicated to helping me find a channel for my creative energy, no matter what form it takes.  I thought about making a challenge of sorts - like, create something and post every day, or create everyday and post them weekly - but I'm not sure about that.

What are you afraid of, Julie? You may ask.
Making more busy work for myself, I suppose. But, I'm creating things all the time, anyway. As I said, it's addictive.

I have another blog that is supposed to be for this very purpose called Love It Learn It Make It. I started it with my kids and we have since "matured beyond" it, let's just say.  I haven't abandoned it, but it's hard to get to these days.  

We post things like:

I have another loooong neglected blog at, where I work with fabric and whathaveyou, having challenged myself to make 100 variations of the same muu muu pattern using found/rescued fabrics.  I call it Moo Moo 100.  Moooo! I'm stuck at Moo Moo 77, by the way. We moved provinces a few years back and life has been happening at break-neck speed ever since.  I'll get back to that one day, too. 

This is one of my favorites from the collection:

From there, they evolved into something I call the MooCho (muu muu/poncho hybrid):

And some of them got a little crazy:

Remember the Double Rainbow thing? Yeah, I responded to the craze with Moo Moo #43

So, without cramming too much of my fabric obsession in your face, suffice it to say, I am a many faceted stone. But having so many blogs to keep track of all of this stuff can make a gal CRAZEEEEE. Not even the normal crazy. CRAZEEEEE.  So, maybe I amalgamate.  Maybe I reign it all in and keep it all under the Design Inkarnation umbrella-ella-ella.  This blog is, after all, about art, design and human nature - usually, my own human nature. 

Graphic Designer

This is how things are shaping up theses days, passion wise.  I'd like to keep on keepin' on, but with less blog madness. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid).  I learned that in grade school. It didn't stick. 

How do you keep all of your creative pursuits in order? And do you #createsomething everyday?

I've been working with west coast Real Estate agent, Naomi Adams, to create a solid brand for her business. We've developed a logo, business card, lawns and directional signs. 

If you need branding, I'm here to help. Contact me. :)

Working with watercolours again. This is a little corner in Verdun that was cleaned up and greened up last summer. The tall bulrush installation in the foreground is a water feature, which is great for scorching hot days like today.
I'm working on trying to improve my watercolour skills. I'm using crappy paper here, but I'm still enjoying the act of quick-sketching and including colour.  I shall upgrade my sketch paper soon to something that will handle both ink and watercolour well. If you have recommendations, leave a comment.